Our Story

In 2012 I made a big decision; I was going to stop chemically processing my hair and (finally) embrace my natural curls. Little did I know that the journey would lead me to start a business! For two years I spent countless hours experimenting with tips, tricks and products that promised to create beautiful, healthy hair. And while many proved to be a waste of time, I finally found my “holy grail cocktail”... satin!

By sleeping on a satin pillowcase and using other satin hair care tools and accessories, I have completely transformed my hair. I no longer suffer breakage, dryness or shedding, and I wake up every day feeling confident and beautiful. Satin is a gentle yet powerful tool for preventing damage to your hair, protecting its natural moisture, and creating an overall silky, smooth finish.

I want other women to experience the benefits that I’ve gained from satin, which is why I’ve created Butter + Nectar. Unlike other pillowcases on the market, Butter + Nectar pillowcases are an affordable luxury, will not shrink or fade, and are easy to wash and care for. I’ve designed the product I wish I had years ago!

To your beauty, curly girl!

Farah Nerette, Founder | Butter + Nectar