Time and Money

I am definitely not a product junkie (collection photo on a different post, soon), I am not loyal to any particular brand because my loyalty is to my hair and what she wants and needs. Since joining team “no lye”, I have had several brands on rotation mainly due to my monthly subscription to CurlBox.  In true Gemini form, my hair likes and thrives on the periodic (product) change. 

Most naturals would agree that our hair (curly, coily, kinky, wavy) require a significant investment of time and money. So, it’s only fitting that we find a way to protect our investments.

[these tools were collected over time. **heart** must have, can't live without tool]

Using a combination of the right products and hair tools has helped me retain the moisture and manageability of my hair weekly - see complete regimen here.  In addition to my hair regimen, I also ONLY sleep on a satin pillowcase. What better way is there to protect my investment?  A satin or silk pillowcase insures that my hair stays moisturized and extend the life of my wash-and-go.  I even have pillowcases with me when I travel. 

Personally, I have spent countless hours experimenting with products to figure out what my hair needs to grow and stay healthy. To date, I’ve found that the right products aren't enough to keep my hair healthy, strong and thriving.  Once I started protecting my hair at night, I saw a big difference in hair retention which translated into hair growth.  My satin pillowcase keeps my hair moisturized because it is slippery and soft, which allows my hair to move (glide) freely as I sleep. Cotton pillowcases can also be soft, however, it is highly absorbent and has no slip, which cause bends and kinks so you end up with dry, frizzy, and tangled bedhead. Seriously, who has time for that?

So, if you are at all interested in protecting your investment…You should be sleeping on a silk or a satin pillowcase, period.

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To your beauty curly girl, xo


(photo credit: curlbox)