1.  You have textured hair (curly, coily, kinky or wavy) – textured tresses must be handled with care, contrary to popular belief it is rather fragile.

    2.  You have fragile hair –  yep, the word fragile means something that can be easily damaged. A cotton pillowcase sucks moisture from your hair strands, which cause dryness that may result in split ends.

    3.  Your hair suffers from a lot of styling – blow drying, ironing, curling, coloring and bleaching makes your hair susceptible to breakage.  If your hair is chemically treated or natural the use of a satin or silk pillowcase reduces hair breakage, helps maintain proper moisture balance, protects hairstyles and eliminates most tangling.

    4.  Your hair is dry – a cotton pillowcase will likely make it even drier.  You want to reduce friction and maintain the moisture in your hair while you sleep, helping to both preserve your style and keep it frizz-free, sleep on satin or silk pillowcase.

    BONUS: A satin or silk pillowcase can also reduce the stress to your skin so you won’t wake up with “morning creases” anymore! You will also find that your skin, like your hair, retains more moisture.