Wash and go…no, not so much!! Let me just say, the longer my hair gets it has been more like wash, wait, hold on, diffuse, maybe 10 more minutes...ok, shake and go!!!

This entire process takes about one and half hour, which is why I deep condition once per week. I do a quick co-wash every couple days, especially on the days I go to the gym (I sweat in my scalp). The co-wash takes only about 40 minutes or so and can be done in the morning before work. I try not to wash my hair at night, it never works out for me because I never have the patience to dry it properly and end up repeating the process anyway in the morning.

(Kiroja Argan Oil, Vatika Coconut Oil)

Step 1: Pre-poo with coconut oil and do a 5 to 10 minute scalp massage. [if I am not doing a deep conditioner I skip to step 3.

Step 2: Dampened hair with water in a spray bottle, apply deep conditioner (dc), cover with a plastic cap – I alternate between a moisturizing and a protein conditioner weekly. Allow DC to remain in my hair for a minimum of 45 minutes. I use this time to run errands, catch up on my favorite TV show, maybe do some yoga and meditation, or clean out my closet.

Step 3: After the desired time, I remove the heat source and allow my hair to cool for a few minutes before I apply a conditioner on top of the deep conditioner.

Step 4: Using a wide-tooth comb, I gently detangle my hair starting at the tips and working my way up, then I rinse and co-wash my hair.

Step 5: Add products in sections, starting with a leave-in, making sure to cover each strand, especially the roots where tightly curly hair knots up. Once the hair is detangled (during rinse) I keep manipulation to a minimum, which means no comb or brush. Once the conditioner is evenly distributed I do not touch that section again as not to disturb the curl.

Step 6: Seal in the moisture with a thin layer of my favorite oil (Kiroja Argan oil).

Step 7 (optional): If time permits – which is almost never during the week – I air dry (a 6 hour process). Otherwise, I use a diffuser on a cool medium setting. The truth is I prefer to diffuse my hair because I like it a little bigger/more volume with a touch of frizz.

P.S. I maintain my wash and go at night by sleeping on my silk pillowcase – see benefits here and here. In the morning, I add a little oil, shake and go!