Be Careful…

A surprising fact: A cotton pillowcase may be the culprit of additional damage to your hair.

Although most cotton fabrics feel very soft, it can still cause damage to your natural hair by absorbing moisture from the hair throughout the night, resulting in dry, and brittle hair. Making matters worse, moving your head around on the cotton material causes tangling and hair breakage as the fabric pulls individual strands of hair. Unlike cotton, a satin or silk pillowcase for hair care provides a smooth surface for the hair strands to glide with ease and without tangling or snagging.

As if the hair benefits aren’t enough, satin or silk pillowcases also help fight against the signs of aging on your skin. What looks to be a simple crease on your face after a good night’s sleep may result in a deep wrinkle on the skin’s surface over time. However, a satin or silk pillow covering help prevent this kind of damage.

Can't decide silk or satin? Well say YES to either, don't torture yourself

If you don’t like sleeping on anything synthetic, silk is a good alternative to satin. No matter which you choose, silk and satin pillowcases are both undoubtedly better than cotton ones. Some people prefer silk over satin, mostly because it is a natural fiber, hypo-allergenic and a temperature regulator. Alternatively, satin has its own advantages – it is generally cheaper, easier to care for and also more durable.

Still can’t decide between the two? Don’t torture yourself and don’t just take my word for it – try it yourself.  You will be surprised that such a small change can drastically improve your hair health and appearance… it would be a crime for you to not at least give it a try. 

Go ahead pamper yourself, you deserve it!

To your beauty curly girl, xo